SKS Beat Simeri's and Tasers to Win Elkhart City Crown
August 15, 2012

Elkhart, IN -

Coming off a tough weekend in Indy, the Street Kids Mojo team returned to Elkhart for the Elkhart City Tournament, which consisted of all the top City teams. SKS and RC Recycling both received byes and got a straight path to the semi final of the single elimination tournament. RC and Tasers were on one side, and Simeri's - who just beat 50/50 to reach the semi's - and SKS were on the other side.

RC could not keep up with the hot hitting of Tasers on Wednesday and lost, thus putting Tasers in the finals. SKS and Simeri's battled for three innings and it was all SKS in this one, as they won big 25-5. Leland Schmucker had four hits and eight of the 10 players in the lineup had three hits each in the win.

Tasers and SKS were now battling for the city crown. This one would be close the whole game. Entering the top of the seventh inning, Street Kids held a thin 20-19 lead with only one home run to hit. With Tasers having the last at bats, they knew they needed some insurance runs and they got them and then some. Fred Schmucker hit a key two run double and Faron Miller followed with a three run homer that would be more than enough as the Kids would put up eight runs in the top of the seventh and cruise to a 28-19 win. Nick Bishop, who had nine hits in a row to end the night, said it did not feel like the score said.

"People will read the score and think it was a cake walk, but this was a great game for six innings," the infielder said. "Even after it was over, both teams were laughing and saying how close it was for most of the game. Just glad we came alive in the seventh."

Along with Bishops big night, Jeremy Hochstetler and Leland Schmucker (12 RBI's on the night) both added eight hits, while Tim Austin, Jay Jeffery and Fred Schmucker all chipped in with seven hits.

Street Kids (94-21 overall) will return to Topeka on Thursday for the final league night of the season. They may play in the Topeka City Tournament which is underway now, but as for league ball, the SKS team will shut it down for the season and focus on the post season. This will be the first fall league the team has not played in over 10 years.

"Our guys have a lot of stuff going on, myself included, and we just feel with so many other commitments outside of softball, it was easier to not have a guaranteed SKS night for leagues," said TJ Jorgensen. "A part of it stinks, but its not like guys wont be getting swings. Every player is playing fall at some point, but with cities like Mishawaka and South Bend not allowing the full SKS team to play to stay closer to home, its just easier for guys to split up and get their swings in. We'll keep our attention focused on the post season tournaments fow now."

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