SKS Look Impressive in Topeka Sweep
July 12, 2012

Topeka, IN-

"This might have been the best we've played all year."

Those words were spoken by Jay Jeffery after the Street Kids/Cut-Rite softball team put on a hitting clinic in Topeka Thursday night en route to a sweep of two teams, including CCAC, 33-5 and 26-6.

"We just played like we know we are capable of doing," Jeffery added. "And for some of us, it could not have come at the right time with Kiracofe and the post season around the corner."

Jeffery and Leland Schmucker led the way with nine hits each, while Jeremy Hochstetler added eight hits and Mike Bailey and Chad Melcher chipped in with seven.

The Kids (72-16 overall) improved to 14-2 in Topeka and 26-3 in leagues in 2012. They travel to Kalamazoo, Michigan this weekend to defend their Kiracofe Memorial title.