Eight Men Out
July 11, 2012

Elkhart, IN-

I made a comment that from now on, to keep things exciting, I would only write recaps in league with a humorous undertone. After all, softball is a game and games are supposed to be fun. But tonight, because I am just too tired, we will keep it simple.

Minutes before the double header against Gurley Leep began in Elkhart on Wednesday, the Street Kids Softball team had only eight players come out to play. With several players having other things to do, the Kids were struggling to find a solution. Then a couple a former SKS player who just finished playing with his team said he would help out, and a friend of new SKS league player Jaron Wiggs said he would play, despite never playing softball and wearing $100 sneakers. Suddenly the Kids went from eight to 10 and were ready to battle.

Thankfully, Gurley Leep - who were missing guys of their own also and had to pick up - and the umpire had no problem with the picks ups, as long as both teams agreed. With pitcher Faron Miller gone, TJ Jorgensen took to the mound for the first time in several years and was able to avoid getting killed up the middle, and helped lead the team to a 26-6 win in game one. Tim Austin, Justin Newcomer, Joe Horvath, Jay Jeffery and Fred Schmucker all had four hits in the win.

In the nightcap, Jay Jeffery went to the mound and in the first inning, and new Gurley Leep pickup Luke Myers (transfered over from another diamond after being traded away by Tasers for a pack of Kool menthols) greeted him rudely. Myers just finished slamming a bottle of Crown Royal (the larger expensive bottle) and came to the plate saying he would not go up the middle. Well, with two strikes, he made that comment look weak as he lined a sharp one hopper back at Jay, who barely got a glove on it before it struck him in the same hand he has hurt a few times this year.

"I felt terrible right away," said Myers, an SKS teammate of Jay's on Thursdays. "I've known Jay a long time, and he knows there was no intention."

Jay recovered and went on to collect four more hits in the game and help lead SKS to a 19-5 win. It was fitting that Jeffery got Myers to pop up to end the game.

"We're friends, and I know he had nothing intentional there," said the reigning MVP Jeffery. "We're cool."

Jaron Wiggs also had four hits in the nightcap. SKS improved to 11-1 in Elkhart, 23-3 in combined league play, and improved to 70-16 on the season overall. They return to league action on Thursday in Topeka before traveling to Kalamazoo this weekend for the annual Kiracofe Tournament, an event they won last season.

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