SKS (6-0) Split Jackson Title with Honey Badgers
April 6, 2013

Jackson, MI -

The Street Kids/Wildman team went 6-0 and reached the championship game of the Jackson Cash tourney in Michigan, and after a long, windy day, agreed to a split co-championship with the 5-1 Honey Badgers/DeMarini team.

Newell Phebus went 17-for-20 while Todd Mase pitched in Faron Millers absense and went 14-for-17 at the plate as the Kids picked up their first tourney win of 2013.

In game one, SKS beat a tough Clutch team 9-6. Todd Mase led the way with three hits. In the second game, SKS beat Bash, 13-2. They were led by Kevin Lewandowski's home run and five RBI's. In the third game, SKS beat an overmatched Road Dawgs team, 36-3. Seven players had four hits in this game: Jeremy Hochstetler, Joe Horvath, Leland Schmucker, Newell Phebus, TJ Jorgensen, Nick Bishop and Joe Peelle.

In game four, SKS beat Havoc, 14-5. Newell Phebus and Todd Mase led the way with four hits each. In the next game, SKS beat Blackies, 15-2, and were led by Joe Peelle's three hits and Joe Horvath's three hits, including a home run and a triple.

The semi final game was a rematch against Clutch, who beat some good teams to get back to this point, but SKS was starting to warm up on this cold day. Despite a slow start, a nine run fifth inning and an eight run sixth inning would prove to be more than enough as SKS would win, 23-8. Jeremy Hochstetler, Joe Horvath, Todd Mase and Fred Schmucker led the way with four hits each.

The finals of the tourney was SKS and Honey Badgers, and the winner got a nice cash prize with the second place team getting nothing. The tourney director offered a split of the pot plus an additional $100 to each team if they agreed to a co-championship. Seeing that both teams had been out in the cold all day, played a lot of games, and it was still early in the season, they elected to call the tourney, and become co-champions.

"I think we were confident going in, but at the same time, Honey Badgers were playing tough also," said veteran Terry Patesel. "If we played that game, not only could we be risking an injury to any player, but we could risk losing all the cash prize. This way we leave with no injuries and a guaranteed cash prize. It was smart move for both teams. Newell Phebus was named tourney MVP.

SKS (8-2 overall) return to Columbus, Ohio next weekend (April 13th) for the first leg of the new NSA Directors Cup. The bracket is listed here.

Here is a link to pictures from Jackson on Facebook.