2012 Tournament Box Scores

WSL Bash for Cash Round Robin (PDF Archive)
Hebron, KY - Won Tournament (3-0)

WSL Bash for Cash (PDF Archive)
Hebron, KY - Finished Tied for 5th (4-2)

NSA Battle for the Bucks (PDF Archive)
Indianapolis, IN - Won Tournament (4-0)

NSA Bash for Cash (PDF Archive)
Jackson, MI - Won Tournament (5-0)

NSA Hooters (PDF Archive)
Indianapolis, IN - Finished 2nd (split pot) (3-1)

ASA Mishawaka Spring Opener (PDF Archive)
Mishawaka, IN - Won Tournament (4-1)

NSA Waukegan Parks Cash Tourney (PDF Archive)
Waukegan, IL - Won Tournament (6-0)

GSL B/C Valpo Tourney (PDF Archive)
Valparaiso, IN - Won Tournament (4-1)

NSA B/C Kokomo (PDF Archive)
Kokomo, IN - Won Tournament (4-0)

Indianapolis, IN - Finished 1-2

GSL Flag Day Festival
Three Oaks, MI - Finished 3-2

GSL King of the Hill
Oberlin, OH - Finished Tied for 5th (4-2)

ASA Topeka July 4 Festival
Topeka, IN - Finished 2-2

NSA Kiracofe Festival
Kalamazoo, MI - Won Tournament (4-0)

ASA "B" State Champions
Bloomington, IN - Won Tournament (3-0)

NSA Open Festival
Huntington, IN - Won Tournament (4-0)

NSA "B" State Championship
Indianapolis, IN - Finished 0-2

NSA Elkhart City Championship
Elkhart, IN - Won Tournament (2-0)

Battle Creek Charity Tourney
Battle Creek, MI - Finished 2nd (6-1)

Topeka City Tournament
Topeka, IN - 3-1 so far

ASA National Championship
Sterling, VA - Finished 2-2

GSL Labor Day Event
Kingsford Heights, IN - Finished 2nd (6-2)

NSA "B" World Series
Kalamazoo, MI - Finished 2nd (4-2)

NSA "B" Super World Series
Rock Hill, SC - Finished 3rd (3-2)

GSL "B" World Series
Columbus, OH - Won Title! (5-1)